The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is opening its doors to Swiss and Liechtenstein businesses in order to forge business partnerships while contributing to a greener future. The upcoming business mission, scheduled from July 31 to August 03, 2023, aims to deepen economic cooperation and explore key sectors that align with Bhutan's sustainable development goals.

The relationship between Switzerland and Bhutan has seen the development of numerous joint projects in various sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, health and education. Switzerland organized the first-ever delegation of Swiss companies to Bhutan in 2019. As Bhutan enters a crucial phase of its economic growth, it seeks to expand and deepen its economic cooperation with Switzerland.

The business mission, titled "Back to Business for a Sustainable Future," is led by Dr. Ralf Heckner, the Ambassador of Switzerland to India and Bhutan. The mission invites Swiss businesses and organizations interested in contributing to sustainable economic development. Swiss companies already active in India and the region are well-positioned to benefit from the opportunities.

The areas of focus during the mission include decarbonization, transportation infrastructure, healthcare, energy, agriculture, the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) and IT sectors. Opportunities lie in cleantech, renewable energy, carbon credit trading, waste to energy, circular economy, forest management, tunneling, infrastructure protection, pharmaceuticals, laboratory infrastructure, diagnostic equipment, hydro power, solar energy, green mining technology, geospatial mapping, green hydrogen, pump and turbine technology, supply chain optimization for agriculture, raw materials for flavors and fragrances, food safety, certification, reinsurance, software development, digitization and fintech.

Overall, the Swiss Economic Mission to Bhutan presents a promising platform for Swiss businesses and organizations to collaborate with Bhutan in sustainable economic development and take advantage of the country's growing market and commitment to sustainability. 

For more detailed information and registration, please visit Switzerland Global Enterprise's website.



Organizers:        Switzerland Global Enterprise / Society Switzerland Bhutan

                             Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce

                             Swiss Indian Chamber of Commerce