Ghana, a country facing critical environmental challenges, presents a promising landscape for Swiss companies seeking to make a positive impact. With pressing issues such as waste and landfill management, as well as a growing demand for recycling technologies and waste-to-energy solutions, Ghana is actively exploring renewable energy options under its National Clean Energy Programme (NCEP). Major cities like Accra and Kumasi are in need of effective wastewater disposal solutions.

As an economic center of gravity in West Africa, Ghana offers stability, robust infrastructure and excellent transport links to neighboring countries. This makes it an enticing destination for Swiss companies looking to expand into the African market and find reliable distributors. Moreover, Ghana's streamlined waste management system, where a private company handles the majority of waste management, enables fast and efficient decision-making. Similar efficiency can be found in sewage treatment processes.

Although the pandemic has caused some delays, Ghana is poised for a surge in environmental projects and achievements in the near future. Against this backdrop, Swissenviro is excited to announce its upcoming fact-finding mission to Ghana. Scheduled for October, this 4-day trip aims to uncover potential opportunities for Swiss companies in Ghana's thriving environmental sector.

The mission kicks off with an insightful first day, as participating Swiss companies will have the privilege of visiting the Ministries of Sanitation and Environment, as well as the Accra Municipal Administration. These visits will provide invaluable insights into Ghana's current environmental landscape, allowing the Swiss delegation to gain a comprehensive understanding of the country's environmental policies and regulations.

On the second day, the delegation will embark on site visits to various waste management, recycling and wastewater treatment facilities. This immersive experience will offer an up-close look at Ghana's existing environmental technology infrastructure, opening doors for potential collaboration and investment in the sector.

The third and fourth days will be dedicated to joining the SWISS Pavilion at WACEE'23, the esteemed West African Clean Energy and Environment Exhibition and Conference. Additionally, Swissenviro will host a seminar, shedding light on the climate agreement between Ghana and Switzerland, along with other significant aspects of cooperation between the two countries. This platform will facilitate networking opportunities for Swiss companies, fostering connections with potential customers, distributors and other key stakeholders within Ghana's environmental sector. 


Preliminary Program

Monday, October 16th:

- "Get to Know" Breakfast with delegation
- Visit to Ministry of Sanitation
- Visit to Ministry of Environment
- Visit to Accra Metropolitan Council

Tuesday, October 17th:

- Site Visit to Lavender Hill Sewage Treatment Plant
- Site Visit to Waste Transfer Station
- Site Visit to Accra Landfill
- Site Visit to Accra Compost and Recycling Plant
- Meetings and Discussions with private sector operators and potential buyers as well as distribution partners

Wednesday, October 18th:

- Participation at WACEE, West African Clean Energy and Environment Trade Fair and Conference
- Participation at Swiss-Ghana Seminar: Swiss-Ghana Climate Agreement with Klik – Foundation for Climate Protection and Carbon Offset & Swiss Support for Ghana

Friday, October 20th:

- Individual Meetings with potential Buyers & Distribution Partners
   or touristic tour Friday to Sunday


The fact-finding mission serves as a vital milestone in the exploration of opportunities for Swiss companies in the African environmental sector. By participating, companies will gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Ghana, while also establishing valuable partnerships with local stakeholders.

While the detailed program is being finalized, we invite interested parties to express their interest in participating by providing us with a brief notice. By clicking here, an email will be generated, allowing you to easily contact us and ensure that you receive all the necessary information promptly. 

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to shape this impactful fact-finding mission, and join us in discovering the immense potential that Ghana's environmental sector holds for Swiss companies.


Organizer:                            Swissenviro GmbH

In cooperation with:          KliK – Foundation for Climate Protection and Carbon Offset Swiss

Media partner:                    UmweltTechnik Schweiz