IFAT Eurasia 2023 was a successful event for the environmental technology industry, with 203 exhibitors representing 381 brands from 10 countries exhibiting on 28,800 square meters. The exhibition attracted around 9,000 participants from 80 countries, showing a high demand for environmental technologies. The event was organized by Messe München and EKO MMI Fuarcılık, and supported by local partners, including the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change of the Turkish Republic, the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) and the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).

IFAT Eurasia is an important platform for environmental technologies in Turkey and the neighboring regions, bringing together decision-makers and buyers from Asia and Europe. The exhibition has confirmed itself as a significant part of the global trade fair network for environmental technologies. Exhibitor participation almost doubled compared to 2021, indicating the growing interest in environmental technologies in the region.

Turkey is facing various environmental challenges, including water scarcity, air pollution and waste management. The Turkish government is investing heavily in infrastructure for drinking water, wastewater and solid waste, with a current development plan that includes the construction of 1,400 new wastewater treatment plants and 30,000 kilometers of sewers, with a total investment of more than 18 billion euros. The earthquake that hit the country also highlighted the need for rebuilding infrastructure. In this context, IFAT Eurasia provides a platform for sharing knowledge and showcasing the latest technologies and solutions for environmental challenges.

The SWISS Pavilion at IFAT Eurasia 2023 featured a diverse group of exhibitors offering environmental solutions. Hitachi Zosen Inova presented innovative waste-to-energy solutions and weeeSwiss Technologies specializes in electronig waste recycling. Krofta Waters International provided innovative solutions for water and wastewater treatment, while SID SA showcased their expertise in designing and manufacturing equipment for wastewater treatment. Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG specializes in producing containers and systems for waste collection and Cla-Val showcased valves and related products for the water and wastewater industry. Together, these companies presented a broad range of environmental technologies and expertise in both waste and water management.

In addition to the exhibition, IFAT Eurasia offered an extensive supporting program that focused on various environmental topics, such as zero waste management, solutions for digitalization and automation in the water sector and waste management in the healthcare sector. The International Environmental Conference (IREMCON), under the banner of “Combating Global Climate Change and Strengthening International Cooperation in Waste Management”, took place for the forth time as partner of IFAT Eurasia. The conference aimed to promote international cooperation in waste management and combat global climate change.

Overall, IFAT Eurasia 2023 was a successful event that provided a platform for sharing knowledge and showcasing the latest technologies and solutions for environmental challenges. The exhibition attracted a diverse range of exhibitors and participants from various countries, demonstrating the growing interest in environmental technologies in the region.